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Company Commitment

SANKEI INDUSTRY CO., LTD., founded in 1949, has been working on electroplating and anodizing process for components used by essential industries, specifically of cars, machineries and consumer-electronics, and making contribution to society. In recent years, we have successfully achieved our unique position, by developing our own coating process technology, which allows production devices for semiconductor, LCD and organic EL etc., to become much resistant to special conditions or circumstances.

Nowadays, global industry and its technology have been changing so quickly, while uncertainty of business environment is still increasing. In order to respond quickly to change of such external environment and achieve long-term growth integrated with society, we are doing the best to establish solid business base and added-value technical innovation as our fundamental principle, resulting contribution to all of you.

Furthermore, at our facilities, environment conservation is given priority over any issue of management, engineering and development, preventing anodizing process from destroying environment, so we keep on having both of social responsibility and high corporate value, as a company designed for 21st century.